Inverter Calculator

Sizing AC Load in an Electrical System

RVs & Vans

It’s simple and straightforward to use. We’ve included a section below to answer some questions you may have.

This inverter calculator will help you correctly size your inverter for the daily load of your AC appliances in your camper.

Calculating the inverter size, and understanding the implications, may help you assess the appliances you actually need in your RV.

How do I use this inverter calculator? - Enter every electrical AC device  - Enter the watts each device uses - That’s it.

Do I need an inverter? You only need an inverter if you want to use AC appliances powered by your deep cycle battery.

The aim of the calculation to size the inverter so it can handle the AC devices you will run. It’s important to understand the inverter is sized to cope with load at any one time.

How do I know if my appliance is AC or DC? The labels or specification of most appliances state whether it is AC or DC.

The watts of most devices can be found either printed on the device, in the operating manual or the manufacturer’s website online.

How do I use this inverter calculator? Do I need an inverter? Check out the full guide on our website.