Is Your RV Surge Protector  at Risk of Being Stolen?

Protecting your RV from sudden power surges is essential for keeping your electronics safe and running smoothly.

While installing a surge protector is the first step in safeguarding your rig, you need to go one step further by ensuring it’s locked in place.


!f the surge protector isn’t correctly secured, it may be vulnerable to tampering or theft.

A permanent, hardwired surge protector is the best way of protecting your surge protector from theft.


Other ways to secure your RV surge protector at an RV park, look no further than a heavy-duty chain and padlock!


If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to secure your RV surge protector at an RV park, try using a cable lock or bicycle chain.



An added layer of security to protect your portable surge protector, then the Universal Lock Hasp is a great way to go.

Anything that acts as a visual deterrent against theft will help.

Ensure it is durable for outdoor conditions.

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