Jackery 500 Solar Generator

For Outdoor Lovers

Powering a camping trip, beach party, or emergency backup power for low-powered electrical devices at home or in your camper

Charged by

The home wall outlet solar panel or car socket

Power station  or  Solar Generator

The Jackery 500 Solar Generator consists of 2 products: the Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station and a SolarSaga 100W solar panel. 


low on noise and eco-friendly

Solar-powered generator

Recharge in 7 hours AC Output: 1 x 110 VAC, 60Hz, 500W Inverter Pure sine wave DC Outlets:  3 x USB Type-A's 2 x DC Ports 1x Car output 10A LCD screen

Battery Capacity

The Lithium battery capacity for the Jackery 500 is 518Wh. This capacity turns out to be 24Ah, nearly the same as a typical 12V deep cycle battery with 50Ah.

1. Silent Running

2. Zero Emmisions

3. Multiple Charging Methods

4. Does Not Heat Up

Jackery 500 Benefits

Service, Warranty  & Manual

24-month warranty  30-day money-back trial Sometimes, an extra 1-year warranty.

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