Keep Your Cool: Tips for Rapid RV Refrigerator Cooling

Cooling your RF refrigerator faster helps you get moving earlier, but it also gives you plenty of time to move food over or make sure any food you buy can be stored properly.

Make sure your camper’s refrigerator is empty before you start to cool it. You don’t want to start by filling it with items running below the optimal refrigerator temperature; these items slow the cooling process


The only exception to hosting items in the refrigerator to cool them faster is putting bags of ice inside. OR  Frozen water bottles, Ice packs & Pre-cooled items.

Gravity has a major impact on the operations of your RV fridge, and leveling your RV allows gravity to work properly to allow  coolant to flow in the right direction.


Promote Good Airflow Keep in mind that the fridges rely heavily on airflow on their coils to keep cool.


Give your fridge at least 24 hours before you leave. Most refrigerators take 4 to 6 hours to cool, but 24 hours  & you reach the optimal temperature.



Make sure your house batteries are fully charged to power your fridge. And the remain charged to keep the fridge running.

Keep Fridge Door Closed You lose a decent amount of cool air each time your door opens.

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None of these methods require fancy tools.