The Power Is Yours: Upgrade Your Off-Grid Life with the 2000W Renogy Inverter Charger

The 2000W Renogy Inverter Charger is perfect for those who want to live on the road without having to give up comfort and convenience.

The main functions  Inverter – converting  DC power to AC, Converter – charging the 12v DC battery  Transfer Switch – that automatically switches between AC and DC power.

A versatile unit ,  compatible with 12V: Gel, AGM, SLA, FLD, CAL,  Lithium and custom batteries.

 Specification System Voltage: 12VDC Output Power: 2000W Output Voltage 120/230VAC Pure Sine Wave

One of the best features of this inverter charger is the option to switch between battery and utility priory.

2000W continuous power and 6000W surge power, it can provide enough energy to power most electrical appliances,

What We Like – Price – We love the 2000w inverter size – Confident that the batteries will be safely and quickly charged

What We Don’t Like – Size & weight – No cables included – Does not work as a plug-and-play with the Renogy One.

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