Living in a Van Full Time

We bought a 4×4 Sprinter minibus and converted it into a campervan. Her name is Baloo and she’s now our home. 

If you’re thinking of living in a van, this guide provides all the information you need to help make the decision and get started.

What is van life? For us, van life is more than an on-trend hashtag.  It’s our full-time lifestyle and our way of life.

Van Living Costs There’s no right or wrong answer but to live happily in a van, your lifestyle needs to have a healthy dose of the things you enjoy most.

Social media images may have you believe living out of a van is a stress-free lifestyle. Often it is but there are times when this is far from the truth.

Is Van Life for You? Our lifestyle is certainly unconventional and while we love our life on the road, it’s not for everyone.

What’s the Best Van to Live In? Your van will be your new home so it’s no different. Choosing the best van to live in takes time.

Whether you’re preparing for van life or short road trips,  a DIY campervan conversion is the perfect way to go. 

What is van life? How much does van life cost? Is van life for you? Find out all the details on the website. Swipe up!