Make Sure You're Protected: How to Lock Your RV Surge Protector

Protecting your RV from sudden power surges is essential for keeping your electronics safe and running smoothly.

Installing a surge protector is the first step in safeguarding your rig, you need to go one step further by ensuring it’s locked in place.

If your RV surge protector isn’t properly locked in place, it can be pretty easy for thieves to steal it.

Because they’re so visible,  it only takes a few seconds for someone to unplug the device and walk away with it!

Lock it into place. So no one can: tamper with it, disconnect the unit unintentionally, and protect it from theft.

A permanent, hardwired surge protector is the best way of protecting your surge protector from theft.

Or look no further than a heavy-duty chain and padlock!

Plastic or wooden  lock boxes may not be the most secure option for protecting your valuables. But they mostly work

When it comes to securing your RV surge protector, a variety of options are available.

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