Master Camper Power:  Ultimate Management Systems Guide

An campervan power management system is a centralized control and monitoring solution.

The top three campervan power management systems: – Victron Cerbo, – Simarine Caravan Control Panel, and – Renogy One.

They’re all different, though. It’s not like choosing an MPPT where the basic functions are similar.

Victron is a well-known manufacturer of power conversion equipment, Their system is the  Victron Cerbo GX


If your camper is loaded with Victron components, then the Cerbo GX can connect them all for a single, integrated view of the entire system.

Simarine PICO & Caravan Control have introduced their Campervan Control Panel and soon-to-be-released cloud monitoring service. Unlike Victron, Simarine focuses wholly on power and system monitoring products.


The upside is that their products are compatible with multiple brands of electrical components. So you don’t need to be loyal to a single brand.

The Renogy One M1 This is the newest power management system on the block, having only just been released in mid-2022.


Predominantly marketed for “Smart” homes, the Renogy One is just at home in a camper as it is in a 21st-century house. It can monitor liquid levels, temperatures, and AC and DC circuits and has the added feature of being able to control Smart accessories too.

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These are the best campervan power management systems available today. But, as you can see, they’re all pretty different.