Maximize Your RV Battery: Boondocking Secrets Revealed

Boondocking with an RV can be a great way to get off-grid and explore nature. But you’ll need a reliable battery that can withstand the rigors of extended off-grid exploration.


An RV’s battery is the most important electrical system component. It supplies all the energy needed to operate when no other power source is available.


 But how long will an RV battery last while boondocking? It depends on: 1. The type and size of your battery, 2. How much energy you use, and 3. Environmental conditions.


The most important thing to remember when boondocking is that you can’t take out more than you put into your RV batteries.


If you use more power than you can recharge, eventually, you will flatten even the largest lithium battery bank.



To figure out how long you can boondock, you need to know: 1. How Much Power Will You Use When  Off-Grid? 2. How Much Power Can You Generate Each Day? 3. What Battery Bank Capacity Do You Need (Or Have)?

There’s little point in asking fellow RVers what size they have- its different to you! Work out your own consumption. List the items power values (Watts) , divide by battery bank V multiplied by the hours of use


There are a few methods of generating power without hookup. Alternator when driving & Solar for example


Now that you know the daily amp hours of power you will use and what you can produce, it’s time to figure out what size battery bank you need.

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