3 perfect itineraries

One week in Morocco

One week in Morocco might barely seem enough. After all, Morocco is a vast country with so much to see, spread over a wide area.

Many people want to visit and experience the mountains, the Atlantic coast, and the Sahara Desert all in a few days.

As all experienced overland travelers know, taking your time is the best way to travel and for Morocco, this is no exception. Travel slowly and you’ll experience more.

#1 Beaches & mountains from Marrakech

Sure you’ll want to explore Morocco’s red city of Marrakech but it’s surprising just how much more you can experience from here.

#2 Roman ruins and a Spanish twist from Tangier

Only an hour on the car ferry or as a foot passenger, Tangier in Morocco is tantalisingly close to southwest Spain and mainland Europe. 

#3 The Moroccan Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is our favorite place in all of Morocco and we encourage you to spend as much time there as you can.

Where to stay

Marrakech – Le Relais de Marrakech – a fine campsite a few miles outside of the centre of Marrakech with terrific facilities.

Sure you can go all out and drive for an entire week or sit in the back of a tour bus, but where’s the fun in doing it like this? Swipe up to learn more!