Maximize Propane: Efficient RV Fridge Usage Guide

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When preparing for a long  summer trip, you don't want to worry about running out of fuel. Especially if you depend on a propane refrigerator to keep your perishables flasting

First, you need to know how much energy your RV fridge uses. E.g your RV fridge uses 33,600 BTUs/day. there are 427,700 BTUs in a 20 lb propane tank,  = 430k/34k 12 days ish!

A larger refrigerator will use more propane, while a smaller fridge will use less. a lower temperature will use more propane. Minimize door opening!

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keep your RV fridge running in tip-top condition, you must stay on top of minor issues before they become big. Replace broken or loose seals.

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Absorption refrigerators rely on gravity. This means that they require level ground for maximum efficiency.

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If you’re leaving in the morning, start the refrigerator the night before.


Pack the coldest items first.  So warmer items (like bottled water or condiments) don’t cause a Temperature fluctuation.


Make sure your fridge has plenty of space to vent. Also, regularly clean and dust behind the fridge to keep dirt from building up.

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If you want to give your fridge a hand when it comes to cooling, consider investing in small fridge fan