What Is A  Class C Motorhome?

We’ll give you all the information that you need to know about Class C RVs

Class C motorhome is a type of RV usually built on a cutaway van chassis and ranges in length from 20 to 30 feet.

Class C RVs are typically smaller than Class A motorhomes, but they offer more amenities than a Class B motorhome.


A Class C RV typically has a queen-size bed, a kitchen area, and a bathroom. Plenty of Space to live.

More Capable of Boondocking

Class Cs have a reputation for being a lot more practical than luxurious, but none have hot tubs!

Less Space = Limited External Storage Compared To  Class A RVs

Some have lockers on the back of the camper

Try before you buy....

If you’re not sure whether a Class C RV is right for you, consider renting one before buying.

Haul a Toad

One of the great advantages for those who love to hit the open road in Class C RVs is that it’s easy to tow a second vehicle

Some Class Cs can handle more challenging terrains than their Class A counterparts, a shorter wheelbase helps

Your C Class RV Ride Isn’t As Smooth As an A Class A Or Towables. They often sound rickety and loud.


Road Trip Planning

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