Ready for Adventure? Passenger on a Cargo Ship is the Ultimate.

Our camper van Baloo had to sail across the Atlantic to be our home on our South American adventure.

Rather than let her travel alone, we decided to join her. We had a hell of an experience as we sailed 14000 kilometres

Cargo takes priority so departure dates and times revolve around containers, vehicles and freight carriers.

Cargo handling stevedores drive huge fork lifts at breakneck speeds while lifting 40ft containers 5 metres in the air.

Cabin are on deck 12 and about the same height above the surface of the sea as a 9 floor building

Mealtimes become the highlights of the day.

There isn’t much to do onboard. Lots of fuzze ball, scrabble, monopoly, draughts and jigsaws.

The bridge is the main control centre . The officers were happy to show us around.

After 30 days at sea, we started our South American adventure.

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