Renogy 200ah Lithium Battery Review

If you’ve been considering converting your van or RV to solar, or if you’re just looking for an upgrade from your lead-acid batteries, tak a look at these Renogy 200ah lithiums.

Lithium batteries have big advantages over their AGMs They’re lighter, they hold their charge longer, but a higher price tag.

Installing the battery is extremely straightforward; a simple bolt-together connection system means you can get up and running quickly

They cannot be connected in series, so if you need a 24v or 48v electrical system, that’s a deal breaker.

Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 100 amps. Only charge the battery with a battery charger or solar charge controller that is compatible.

 The Renogy 200ah lithium battery offers 200 amps of continuous discharge current per battery. So thats a maximum inverter size of 2400w per battery!

Power to Weight ratio 4 x 100ah AGMs  Weight255.8 lbs / 116 kg v 1 x 200ah Lithium Weight 60.2 lbs / 27.3 kg

And Renogy 200ah Lithium battery, Last at least 4-5  longer than an AGM., Weighs four times less, and  Requires half the space.

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Has  bluetooth, linky to Renogy One. Kind of a no-brainer, really.