RV Air Conditioner Leaks When it Rains? Here’s How to Fix it!

Most RVers aren’t fans of rain. It’s awful to drive through, and it’s worse when you’re trying to camp.

An RV air conditioner leaking water inside when it rains is a common occurrence, and it’s one that you must address as soon as you notice it to prevent widespread and costly damage.

We’ll help you pinpoint the problem and make repairs so you can stop worrying about a ruined interior, mold growth, and other water damage.

Warning! Always seek the assistance of a helper when climbing on the roof of your RV, especially when moving heavy equipment like an air conditioner.

Confirm the AC Shroud is Intact The shroud is the plastic or metal cover that goes over your RV air conditioner to protect it from the elements

Your air conditioner is attached to your RV’s roof with mounting bolts, and water is kept out courtesy of rubber gaskets that seal against the RV roof once the bolts are tightened.

Ensure Adequate AC Clearance RV air conditioners need to have some space between the bottom of the unit and the roof of your RV.

You may assume that your RV air conditioner leaks when it rains due to the location of the drip or water damage, but it’s possible that water is coming in from somewhere else entirely.

From Confirm the AC Shroud is Intact to Look for Roof Damage!  Swipe Up for more  tips for your RV air conditioner!