Prevent RV Air Conditioner Leaks During Rainy Weather

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An RV air conditioner leaking water inside when it rains is a common occurrence, and it’s one that you must address as soon as you notice it to prevent widespread and costly damage.

Thankfully, it’s usually relatively easy to fix an RV air conditioner that leaks when it rains. You just need a few tools.

Diagnosing leaks can be difficult because the spot where water enters your RV may not be the spot where you notice the leak.

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Confirm the AC Shroud is Intact The shroud is the plastic or metal cover that goes over your RV air conditioner to protect it from the elements.

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Check for Loose Mounting Bolts and Bad Rubber Gaskets Your air conditioner is attached to your RV’s roof with mounting bolts, and a rubber gaskets that seal against the RV roof.

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Inspect the rubber gaskets. They should be springy and flexible. If they’re hard, crumbling, or broken, you need to replace them.


The worst-case scenario when you have water dripping into your RV is that your roof is damaged. Roof damage can be as minor as a missing sealant at a seam


There’s no need to panic when you notice that your RV air conditioner leaks when it rains. Move fast and carefully, you can figure out what’s causing the issue and fix it

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Want to stop problems before they start? Regularly inspect your camper and properly winterizing your RV every year.