RV Converter & Battery Chargers - A Complete Guide

This post will help you understand the basics of power converters and battery chargers.

If you’re planning to live in a van full time or even for a few weeks at a time, you’ve probably already got your solar setup worked out to keep the battery bank charged.

Charging the batteries as you drive can give a boost but it’s not always practical to run the engine for long enough to get a decent charge.

Our Top 5 Picks

PowerMax Pm3-55 RV Converter Charger

Progressive Dynamics 70 amp Inteli-Power 9200 Series Converter

Victron Blue Smart IP22


Numax 12V 10A Converter Charger

RV Power Converter vs Battery Charger | What’s the Difference?

All vehicles have a starter battery but these are quite different from deep cycle or leisure batteries.

What does a Converter do in an RV?

In the most simple terms, a power converter changes AC power to DC power.

Why do I Need a Converter in my RV?

a power converter or campervan battery charger is an essential piece of kit and a great addition to a camper’s battery charging system.

How Does a Converter Work?

Basically a converter consists of a series of capacitors. These act as mini electron stores catching the AC power as it enters the converter.

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