RV Inverter Transfer Switch Installation:

How To Guide

For RVers who spend most of their time on campgrounds, the need for DC circuits is fairly limited.

By installing a transfer switch and inverter to the RV’s AC distribution box, you can flip between shore power and the battery supply on demand.

You can set up your camper’s electrical system so that the battery bank only supplies your priority AC circuits when off-grid.

Before You Start 

These guidelines do not replace the need for a qualified electrician but give an indication of the work involved.

Tools & Materials Needed To Install An RV Inverter Transfer Switch

Wire strippers: to remove the plastic sheath off the wire neatly.

How To Install An RV Inverter Transfer Switch

Step 1: Identify your priority AC circuits. These will be powered by the inverter when you are off-grid.

Step 2: Install your inverter, with an AC distribution box with individual circuit RCDs for each priority circuit.

This post provides general information for installing an RV inverter only. Swipe up for the full guide.