RV Solar Calculator for

Off Grid Living

This RV solar calculator will help you correctly size your entire camper solar system.

It includes your inverter, solar panels, solar charge controller and battery bank too. It’s simple and straightforward to use.

This calculator forms part of our camper solar setup series and the wider subject of campervan electrics. 

Watt Calculator If your device doesn't specify watts, use the watt calculator to convert amps and volts.

List each device - every electrical component - its usage in watts, maximum number of hours used each day & if it's an AC or DC model.

Contingency We add 20% contingency when calculating our battery needs. You can use the same or adjust it suit.

Daily Power Usage This is the total amount of power you need each day in watt hours. Don't forget to include your heaters if you plan on winter RV living.

This is the minimum size 12v battery needed to meet your daily usage. If you plan to live off grid & unable to recharge every day, consider increasing the battery bank size.

From Solar Charge Controller Size to Daily Power Usage, we got you covered! Read on the full guide on the site.