Showers for Campervans

Off-Grid Living and Keeping Clean

One of the major decisions when planning a camper van conversion, is whether to install a shower or not.

There’s plenty of ways to maintain personal hygiene on the road without a shower so they’re not essential. Take a look at our van life hacks for more advice too.

There’s loads of options for campervan showers on the market. From portable showers used outdoors to fully fitted luxury bathrooms, and much in between. 

Do I need a campervan shower? Before making a decision about what camper shower to install in your van, give a passing thought to your actual needs.

What type of campervan shower do you need? So you’ve decided you want a campervan shower installed. There’s a few things to consider when deciding what type of shower will suit you best.

Indoor v outdoor showers As with most things to do with converting camper vans, where you install your shower is all about compromises.

Indoor campervan shower Many camper van dwellers opting for an onboard shower, fit an enclosed wet room to house their shower and campervan toilet.

Outdoor campervan shower The alternative to an indoor camper shower, is having an onboard shower capability but for use outdoors only.

From Indoor campervan shower to outdoor campervan shower, we got you covered! Read on the full guide on the site.