Small Space, Big Impact: Innovative RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

If you’ve ever been on an RV trip, then you know that space is often at a premium. This is especially true in the bathroom, where everything feels cramped and cluttered.

If you’re looking for ways to utilize the space in your RV bathroom better, here are a few storage ideas to get you started.

A razor holder is an excellent way to store your shaving items in the RV. Wall-mounted razor holders are a great way to keep your shaving items in the RV.


Toothbrushes are lightweight, so if they are not secured down, they can bounce about everywhere. A toothbrush holder is perfect for storing toothbrushes, electric razors, and even loofahs.


shampoo dispenser is incredibly fancy. It is the sort of thing that you would find in a hotel. Put the shampoo in one, conditioner in another, or your standard hand soap.


Towels need to be hung up. If you don’t hang them up, they won’t dry. This can cause mildew and mold, This is where this over-the-door towel rack will come in handy.


We have always loved a good shower caddy. They are great for use at home and even better if you are looking to make the most of the space that you have in your RV.


A pretty simple bathroom storage idea here, but one that has a lot of versatility (and is ideal for those who may be on a budget). These are just simple hooks.


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there are plenty of RV bathroom storage ideas to sink your teeth into. We hope at least one or two of our 16 ideas managed to catch your attention.