Snug as a Bug: The 5 Best Diesel Heaters To Keep Your Life on the Road Warm and Comfy

Living in a camper during the cold winter would be unbearable without a way to keep warm.

Sure there are ways to keep warm in a van without a heater. But

Many consider 12v diesel heaters the best heating for RV living and van life.

They’re energy efficient and can safely run all night

Choose from top-of-the-range brands like Webasto and Espar to cheaper and lesser known Russian and Chinese makes.

Buying the right sized diesel heater is critical so you don’t waste money on an over or undersized component..

Diesel heaters can be problematic at high altitudes – above 5-6000 feet above sea level.some have an high altitude kit,..

Diesel heaters need a 12v electrical supply to get going. As a result, they demand a surge of power on startup

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