Solar Charge Controller Calculator

This solar charge controller calculator will help you correctly size this important component in your camper solar setup.

It’s simple and straightforward to use. We’ve included a section below to answer some questions you may have.

This calculator forms part of our camper solar setup series. And it’s just one of our electrical calculators for RVs and campervan conversions too.

Once you’ve sized your controller, head on over to our detailed step by step solar system installation guide and you’ll be living off-grid before you know it.

Solar Panel Spec If you have mixed panels, enter the lowest value Voc & Isc. You may need to use different numbers from different panels.

How do I find the battery voltage? Batteries usually have a label on the size and somewhere on that, it will state the voltage – usually 12v or 24v.

I don’t know how many watts or solar panels I need. What should I do? Avoid buying a solar charge controller until you know exactly what size solar setup you need.

From how do I find the battery voltage to what watts should I use, we got you covered! Swipe up for the full guide on the website.