12v Solar Panel Wiring Diagrams

for RVs, Campers, Van’s & Caravans

Do you want to know how to hook up solar panels to RV batteries? You’re in the right place.

The purpose of this post is to share with you our DIY solar wiring diagrams, provide a brief glossary about each component of a solar system

There are different types of solar panels but we recommend using monocrystalline as they’re the most efficient.

Solar charge controllers regulate the current from the panels to a safe level so it can charge the batteries

Batteries store the energy generated. An RV battery bank is made up of at least one 12v deep cycle (or 2 6v batteries).

Solar panel kits are pre-packaged configurations including most of the components need to install an RV solar panel system.

Fuse holder sits between the solar charge controller and the battery cut off switch, holding the fuse to protect the battery.

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