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The Best Campervan Accessories

Life on the road in a campervan is full of freedom and adventure — that’s the whole point, right?

There comes a point, though, when you’re willing to trade some of that freedom and adventure for some good old-fashioned creature comforts.

The accessories on this list won’t transform your life, but they will make it a little more comfortable and luxurious.

Jackery Explorer 1000 and 2x Solar Saga Pack This power pack from Jackery can keep everything you own up and running, no matter how far away from a grounded outlet you happen to be.

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater Once you have your generator fully juiced, you can plug this Electric Space Heater in to keep you warm.

Flame King 2 Burner RV Cooktop Stove It’s a propane-powered grill with two burners, allowing you to cook an entire meal in one fell swoop.

Dash Electric Skillet & Hot Oven Cooker The Dash Electric Skillet allows you to cook complete meals in a single dish.

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