The Best Inverter Charger for Van Life

Well we’ve been living in our camper full time since 2018 and we don’t have an RV inverter charger so they’re not what we’d call essential.

Living in a van comfortably full-time, at least for us, demands a certain level of available electric.

Our Top 3 Picks

Victron Combi Multiplus

AIMS 3000 Watt Inverter Charger

Go Power! Inverter Charger

What does a Power Inverter Charger do in an RV?

In the most simple terms, a power inverter charger does the job of both an inverter and a converter.

An inverter’s job is to change DC power to AC power.

The converter’s job is to change AC power to DC power.

Why do I Need an Inverter Charger in my RV?

The short answer is you don’t need a combined inverter charger in an RV. if you need to convert AC to DC AND DC to AC, you might need a power inverter charger.

How Does an Inverter Charger Work?

An inverter charger converts AC to DC (the converter bit) and DC to AC (the inverter bit).

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