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5 Miami Beach Campgrounds

This famous destination is also known for world-class dining, exciting shopping destinations, and endless outdoor activities

Miami Beach campgrounds are a popular destination for travelers all year long. Without a doubt, the area’s miles of pristine beaches is its biggest draw.

Learn more about this awesome spot and our other top picks and then check out our suggestions for ensuring the campsite you’re considering is right for you.

 Larry and Penny Thompson Memorial Campground Miami Beach campground is spacious despite its urban location

Topeekeegee Yugnee Park If you’re in town because you want to hit the waves, you won’t find a closer, more convenient RV park than this one.

Miami Everglades Resort Plenty of sports and activities for campers who like to play during the day.

Key’s Palms RV Resort There are beautiful views of the beach and ocean, and the park has private beach access for RVers only.

From the Best Campground in Miami Beach for Easy Beach Access to Best Campground in Miami Beach for Tons of Nearby Activities, we got you covered!