The Best Roadside Emergency Kit

for RVs & Campervans

A simple breakdown or minor accident could be enough to turn your carefree road trip into a bit of drama.

Breakdowns are an inevitable part of van life. Even on short road trips, flat batteries and tyres can happen.

We’ll take you through everything you need to look for in a roadside emergency kit with a few useful tips and tricks too.

Hi-visibility Safety Vest If you need to get out of your RV or motorhome in an emergency, you’ll probably be on a live carriageway with potentially fast moving traffic.

Warning Triangles Made from reflective material, well placed warning triangles give fair notice to oncoming traffic of an accident of hazard up ahead.

Full size Spare Wheel You should carry a full size spare tyre, ideally mounted on the back of the vehicle for easy access.

Pair of Mechanic’s Gloves One of the worst things about changing a wheel is getting your hands wet, dirty and cold. Include a pair of mechanic’s gloves in your roadside emergency kit to avoid this.

Tyre Repair Kit If unlucky enough to have 2 flat tyres at the same time or get a 2nd flat before you’ve had chance to fix or replace the 1st flat, these tyre repair kits are great.

Air Compressor

Tyre pressure has an enormous effect on vehicle traction. On loose tracks, soft sand and mud releasing air to reduce tyre pressure helps widen your footprint and improve grip.

From What should be in a Roadside Emergency Kit to Off-the-shelf Roadside Emergency Kits, we got you covered.