The Best WiFi For RV Trips: Stay Connected On The Go

For many, campervan and RV WiFi has become more of a necessity than a nice-to-have.

If you use your van to seek a few days off-grid, internet access is probably the last thing you want or need.

But when living long-term in your van, your needs will probably differ. You might need to work online, stream music, or binge on Netflix occasionally.

Even checking emails once a day and keeping in touch with family and friends on social media needs some internet access.

There are a few ways to get internet in your campervan vehicle and plenty of jargon, so it can all be a bit confusing.

You can’t install a fixed telephone line in your RV, campervan, or motorhome. So, you need an alternative RV WiFi solution

There are four mobile internet options: Free WiFi hotspots, campground WiFi, Mobile WiFi or Satellite WiFi for RVs

All the RV internet options on our list have one thing in common: they’re not 100% reliable.

With deep enough pockets, you could eliminate this.

Thanks to Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, Starlink RV WiFi is here!

But if you’re anything like us,

The best solution for your RV WiFi will be a combination of the internet options available.

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