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The Top 7 Reasons To Use A Diesel Heater In Your Camper

1. A diesel heater produces dry heat

No need to wake up to a damp and moisture-filled camper caused by condensation.

2. Diesel is readily available worldwide

No need to worry about finding propane and compatible propane bottles and regulators while on the road.

3. Superior heating compared to propane

A diesel heater produces more BTUs than a propane heater. You'll be able to heat your camper more efficiently and evenly with a diesel heater.

4. Better temperature control

Diesel heaters offer better temperature than propane heaters because they use remote temperature sensors.

5. Diesel is inherently safer than propane.

Diesel is tough to ignite, presenting a far lower fire hazard.

6. Diesel is less expensive than propane

You'll save on fuel costs by using a diesel heater.

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