Things to do in Tintagel | History, myths & legends in Cornwall

Looking for a perfect Cornish day trip? Or to soak up some of the finest and most dramatic sea views in the county? 

Then Tintagel, perched on the cliffs of the north Cornwall coast, is just what you’re looking for. Our guide will show you exactly how to spend a day here (or longer).

We’ve included things to do in Tintagel Castle, the village and recommendations for things to do nearby too. We’ve got lots of useful travel tips and recommendations.

Why visit Tintagel? History, myths, legends and amazing scenery. If there is only one place you can visit in Cornwall, Tintagel is the place to choose.

Things to do in Tintagel An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, steeped in legends and myths and oozing history, there’s plenty to do in and around Tintagel.

Explore the ruins of King Arthur’s Castle More than medieval ruins, legend and myth, the surrounding landscapes, dark cliffs and crashing waves far below make this quite wonderful.

When you visit Tintagel Castle, you’ll see loads of small ruined walls and tunnels, scattered right across the island.

From Venture into Merlin’s Cave & Tintagel Beach to The Old Post Office in Tintagel, we got you covered! Swipe up for the guide.