Top RV Solar Panel Kits: Harness  the Sun

Using solar panels to provide some of your camper’s electricity can make for a peaceful, off-grid experience. Without the need to hook up, daily driving, or noisy portable generators, keep your leisure batteries charged

Components are needed to install a solar setup, so you must shop around for the correct size parts and configure a suitable setup for your electrical demand.

Or you can make it easy and buy a solar panel kit that includes all the necessary parts. It’s important to consider what components are included in a kit before you buy it.


Most solar panel kits include everything you need to generate renewable energy from the sun. – A solar panel(s) – Solar charge controller – Mounts – Fuse – Cabling & MC4 connectors


Because many camper conversions already have a battery bank installed, more often than not, solar panel kits don’t include the battery.


Not all solar panels are made equal. Firstly, choose between flexible and rigid panels.


If you depend on efficiently charging your battery bank, we recommend a kit with an MPPT controller,


Because roof and storage space is limited in campers, we only recommend monocrystalline solar panels. They allow you to capture as much energy as possible for their footprint,


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If you’re on a budget, start with a small but expandable kit so you can add more panels later.