Top Van Life Hacks

Buy A Campervan With Windows

Living inside a camper van without any windows can feel claustrophobic.

Deciding On 2wd v 4wd

2wd campervans tend to be cheaper to buy, maintain and repair too, so think long and hard before investing in a 4×4.

Get An Easy Repair Camper Van

Modern vehicles have lots of electronics and are difficult to repair, even for mechanics.

Choose A Van Popular In The Places You Plan To Travel

The more common and widely available your van model is, the more likely you’ll find affordable parts and mechanics.

Choose A Van You Can Stand Up In

A high-top van isn’t essential if you only plan to live and travel in your camper van in fair weather.

Buy A Left-Hand Drive Camper Van

Most countries drive on the right, so if possible, buy a left-hand drive camper.