Travel Trailer vs RV Showdown:  7 Differences

How much space an RV needs on a road or parking lot is clear. Travel trailers are almost always longer than an RV .


In general, RVs are more expensive than travel trailers. but you need a towing vehicle too.


For those campgrounds that charge by the size of the site, you may pay more for your trailer than you would for a similar sized RV.


Travel trailers are much cheaper to insure, even the luxury models.


Large Class A RVs are thirsty beasts.  comparable size trailer or 5th wheel is heavy, and requires a suitably powerful towing rig.  Class B or Class C motorhomes are generally the most fuel-efficient



RVs, especially large A class motorhomes, are pretty cumbersome, need a lot of space to manoeuvre, and are not as easy to turn as a travel trailer.

Travel Trailers are easier to go out on day trips than RVs. With a trailer, you can park at your site or in a campground and leave the trailer in situ.


Remember that these are just generalizations – there are always exceptions to every rule.

So take your time, do your research, and ask lots of questions before deciding. Better still, renting a trailer or RV for a few days will help!

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