RV vs. Travel Trailer? What Is The Difference?

1. Vehicle Dimensions

RVs can range in size from 20 feet to 45 feet, while travel trailers are generally smaller and typically fall between 18 and 35 feet in length.

2. Sleeping Capacity

RVs often have more sleeping capacity than travel trailers with some able to accommodate up to 10 people

3. Costs

– Higher Upfront Costs For RVs (sometimes) – Higher Campground Fees for Travel Trailers – Higher Insurance Costs for RVs – Higher Fuel Costs for Large RVs – Higher Maintenance Costs for RVs (Arguably)

4. Maneuverability

RVs can be difficult to maneuver, especially larger ones. Travel trailers are much easier to tow and maneuver.

5. Driving Comfort

RVs offer a more comfortable driving experience.   Travel trailers can be more challenging to tow

6. Living Space

RVs typically have more living space than travel trailers. This is especially true of fifth wheels which often have large slide-outs that really open up the interior.

7. Setting Up  Camp

RVs can be parked and set up at a campsite without having to do much else. Travel trailers need to be unhitched from the tow vehicle and often leveled before they can be used.