Upgrade Your RV Living with a Residential Refrigerator

A few years ago, the only option for refrigerators in RVs was the small absorption refrigerators that came with the camper.

They had little cooling power but could run on propane, LP gas, or the RV’s battery.

RVers demanded better features and more space for their food and drinks, manufacturers began to explore using residential refrigerators in RVs.

An RV residential fridge is just the same type of fridge used in a regular house or apartment.

Regular residential fridges are bigger, cooler, and have more design options, they always need AC power.

But thanks to advances in battery technology, residential refrigerators are now a popular and increasingly viable option for RVers.

But now, with RV solar panels to recharge large-capacity lithium batteries, cheaper, more powerful generators, and efficient inverters, providing a constant AC current on the go is finally possible.

So, using a residential refrigerator is a serious contender, even for boondockers.

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