Van Life Essentials Packing List for Life on the Road

Packing for van life isn’t quite the same as packing for a short road trip or even a camping weekend.

Van life is a long term lifestyle so we need to pack accordingly. Try to make sure your campervan accessories have a dual purpose where possible. 

This article provides a complete campervan packing list of van life essentials. Some of the items here will make fantastic campervan gifts too!

Van life essentials - Must haves for your packing list The campervan appliances you choose depends on your budget, van lifestyle, size of the van and the activities you enjoy.

Camper kitchen essentials Eating well for a healthy lifestyle in a camper van is much easier with a well equipped kitchen.

Campervan bathroom accessories What campervan bathroom accessories do you need to pack? We listed few bathroom accessories to include on your van life.

Laundry & cleaning in a campervan If you live in your van for anything longer than a week at a time, you need to consider how to do your van life laundry.

From travel tech essentials to campervan bathroom accessories, we got you covered! Swipe up for the guide.