Van Life With a Dog: Tips for Traveling With Your Fur Kids

Van life with a dog can be a rich and rewarding experience — so long as you properly prepare for it. 

Are you ready to learn some tips for traveling  with your fur kids? Let's start!

Pups have unique needs, just as you do, so it’s important that you take that into account if you’re planning on living on the road with a dog. 

Get Organized, and Keep It That Way Think about all the things you need to bring for your own comfort and how cosy things will get, and then add the dog’s belongings on top.

Have a Space Just for Your Pup When you’re building your van camper or planning where you’ll put your stuff before hitting the road, take some time to create a space just for your dog.

Bring Everything Your Pet Needs — Plus Extras Picture this: Your pup is whining because they have to pee, like, right now, but you can’t find their leash anywhere!

Make Sure Your Pet is Well-Identified Speaking collars with identification: They’re absolutely vital.

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