What Does An RV Inverter Do & Why Do I Need One In My Camper?

Most campervan conversions, motorhomes, and RVs include a battery bank for charging 12v DC devices. 

What Is An RV Inverter? In the most simple terms, an inverter transforms DC power into AC power. But why would you need to?

Why Do I Need An Inverter In My RV? The short answer is, you don’t. You don’t need an inverter if you can avoid running any AC appliances when off-grid.

How Can I Tell If My RV Has An Inverter? First off, make sure you know what an inverter looks like – it’ll be something similar to this….

There are three different types of inverters: – Square Wave Inverter – Modified Sine Wave Inverter – Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you read any of the campervan conversion forums, you’ll likely see posts and conflicting opinions on what size inverter you need in a camper.

Some appliances demand a power surge on startup. They take a significant power surge to get going before quickly dropping back to their running level.

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