What Is A Campervan Power Management System

How Does A Campervan Power Management System Work?

A power management system (PMS) takes active management to a whole other level.


A sensor is needed for each system parameter the PMS monitors and manages. Then, it feeds information back to the control panel in real-time.

Acceptable Operating Parameters

The sensors alone monitor the systems and relay the information back. The system needs to be configured to understand acceptable operating parameters.

Rules & Actions

So, now with the sensors monitoring your camper’s systems and the PMS configured with what “normal” looks like, the most intelligent feature of the power management system kicks in: the rules and actions.

Why Do You Need One?

You can install the centralized control panel conveniently or have access to it on my mobile device.

Best Campervan Power Management System?

– Victron Cerbo – Renogy One  (use the coupon code ONE50 to save $50 when you buy) – Simarine Pico & Caravan Control Panel