What is overlanding?

Overlanding is broadly accepted as self reliant, vehicle dependant travel where the emphasis is more on the journey than the destination.

Overland vehicles, equipment and routes vary widely within the world of overlanding. What overlanders seek as part of their journeys is unique and personal to them.

What overlanding isn’t

The main aspects are self reliance, vehicle dependant (or supported), remote locations, adventure travel and exploration.

What types of journeys constitute overlanding?

This is a tough one to define because the generic definition of what overlanding is, is well, a generalisation.


Is a cyclist travelling the PanAmerican highway overlanding? We’d say yes. They often camp, travel at a slow pace and the journey is the adventure.


Is a backpacker touring South America overlanding? We’d say no. They travel on public transport, hitch hike or travel by air. They generally stay in hostels.

The overlanding community

There’s many Facebook groups dedicated to overlanding in specific continents and members help each other with all sorts of aspects of life on the road.

Overlanding, for us at least, has become a way of life – a lifestyle of exploration. Swipe up to learn more!