What Size Inverter Do You Need in Your RV?

Our inverter calculator will help you correctly size your inverter for the daily load of your AC appliances

You only need an inverter to use AC appliances powered by your deep cycle battery.

If you use AC appliances when hooked up and the battery powers them, you still need an inverter.

Consider installing a combined RV inverter charger if you also need a converter (to convert AC power to DC).

Get a complete list of electrical appliances, devices, and components you’ll use in your RV.

Work through your typical day, considering all the appliances you’ll use along the way.

Mark up the AC components to calculate the inverter size needed.

The watts of most devices can be found either printed on the device, in the operating manual, or on the manufacturer’s website

The calculator displayed a message that I couldn’t run all my devices simultaneously. What should I do?

Consider less powerful appliances, not running them simultaneously, DC alternatives, or running them on an AC mains circuit when hooked up.

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