What things cost in the Netherlands

& what we spent

Europe isn’t the cheapest continent to travel in and when you’re on a tight budget, costs can spiral.

At the beginning of our long term trip, we spent a week road tripping around the Dutch landscape. 

To help you plan your travel budget, here’s an idea of what things cost in the Netherlands and what we spent in 2018.

We’ve selected individual items to give a broad idea of overall costs so you can compare it with your home country.

Cost of accommodation & camping in the Netherlands The average price of a campsite in the Netherlands is about €25 per night.

Renting a bike for the day Renting a bike for the day can cost as little as €7 and is much cheaper than parking prices and public transport.

Dining out Eating dinner out at a mid range restaurant will set up back around €20 per head without alcohol.

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