Wiring Solar Panels in Series vs Parallel | Which is Best?

It starts simple, with diagrams for the different wiring configurations, and explains how each affects the components needed.

This post explains the different ways of wiring multiple solar panels together, providing the information you need to decide how best to configure your camper solar setup.

We’ve included an interactive series vs parallel calculator so you can decide the best configuration for your solar array.

Solar Panel Wiring | Series vs Parallel Calculator

Depending on the number of panels and sizes, there could be many different configuration options for your set up.

Ways of Wiring Multiple Solar Panels

There are three different ways of wiring multiple solar panels on your DIY campervan conversion:

In series In parallel A combination of series & parallel

Mixing Solar Panels & How Best to Wire Them

They’ll all be the same brand, type, and wattage, so operating currents and voltages will all be the same.

Which is Best? Series, Parallel, or a Combination?

The calculator will give you a good idea of the total power output, current, and voltage you might expect from each wiring configuration.

This post will help you avoid these to get the best performance from your solar setup from the outset. Swipe up to learn more!