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What Size Mattress Fits in an RV? – ALL Sizes and Types Explained

Chances are that the memories you make on a great camping trip don’t involve sleeping. However, some bad memories you make could result from a lack of sleep!

So how can you avoid this? By making sure that you have the best RV mattress you can find that suits your needs! 

Although sleep is never usually the main event of a camping trip, it is an essential part of any getaway.

Therefore, making sure that you are getting enough quality sleep to do everything you wish to get done and have the energy to have fun and make great memories is important. 

That’s where finding the perfect mattress to suit your needs comes in. Thankfully, we can help you with this. 

Most manufacturers offer around eight different mattress sizes. Although these sizes are somewhat standard, each has a couple of different dimensions, depending on the manufacturer. 

Additionally, each mattress will have a different thickness and height since there is no universal measurement. 

To find the right size for your RV, you should measure the dimensions of whatever your mattress will rest on to make sure that it fits whatever mattress you choose! 

what size mattress fits in an rv

8 RV Mattress Sizes

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Although sleeping may not be the most exciting aspect of your camping trip, it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. 

If you’ve been looking for the perfect mattress to fit your RV, you’re in luck. We have 8 different mattress sizes that will fit your RV. 

1. RV Twin Size Mattress

For most small RVs, twin-size mattresses are used. The smallest mattress size is excellent for compact spaces and will usually fit anywhere you need them. 

These mattresses can usually be found in two sizes, 28 by 80 inches and 28 by 75 inches. Although that’s not a giant difference, you’ll want to figure out how much space you have in your RV before deciding which one to go with! 


  • RV twin-size mattresses are great for small spaces where you need something really compact. 


  • This mattress is small since it’s meant for small spaces. It may not be suitable for everyone! 

2. Truck Size Mattress

A truck-sized mattress is around 35 by 79 inches and 42 by 80 inches. They are generally the same length as the twin-sized mattress but are made to fit into the cab of a semi-truck! That being said, it’s a great size for many campers and RVs.


  • Since these are popular for truckers, these mattresses can absolutely accommodate an adult if they need the space.
  • Great for kids.


  • Some may find that this size mattress is too small and does not comfortably fit.

3. Bunk Size Mattress

Some RVs feature bunk beds, perfect for families or larger groups of people who need the space. There are many different bunk bed-sized mattresses, ranging from 28 by 75 inches to 35 by 79 inches.

To find out which one is best for you, you should measure the bunk bed featured in your RV before buying.


  • Bunk beds are great for saving space and fitting more people
  • Similar to a standard twin size mattress
  • Great for one sleeper


  • Many RVs do not have the space or option for bunk beds.
  • You will need multiple mattresses if you have bunk beds, which is an extra cost.
  • The exact dimensions will vary depending on the camper or RV.

4. Three Quarter Size Mattress

Another option that saves space is the three-quarter size mattress is great for people who want a mattress bigger than a twin-sized mattress but smaller than a full-size mattress.

This type of RV mattress is excellent for small RVs when you want more space. They measure about 28 by 75 inches.


  • Great for people who don’t have a lot of space but still need a mattress that could fit a couple of kids!
  • This mattress can usually fit two kids or one adult.


  • This mattress is going to be a tight fit for taller adults.

5. RV Full or Double Size Mattress

Best for adults, this mattress size is a little smaller than a regular full-sized mattress, measuring about 53 by 75 inches. As a result, they fit adults comfortably while also saving some room where necessary.


  • Great for adults who need more space to sleep than a smaller mattress.
  • These are common for fold-out sofas that come in RVs or campers, which is great for saving space.


  • They may not be able to fit comfortably in very small RVs.

6. Short Queen Size Mattress

If you need a mattress that will fit two adults, this may be your option. A short queen-size mattress measures around 60 by 75 inches. These are commonly found in medium-sized RVs and are a great option for those looking for a regular bed that comfortably fits two people while still saving space.


  • Since this mattress is a couple of inches shorter than a standard queen-sized mattress, it takes up less space while being wide enough for two adults to sleep comfortably.


  • This mattress may still be too big for some RVs and campers but is a great option if you have the room while still trying to save some space.

7. Queen Sized Mattress

If you find that your RV can fit a bed around 60 by 80 inches, it’s safe to say that you can probably use the mattress you use at home if it’s a queen-sized mattress.

Very common in the home and much less common in RVs, queen-sized mattresses are incredibly comfortable and can fit two adults comfortably and a couple of kids!


  • You could use the mattress you have at home when you go camping in your RV or camper.
  • If you upgrade your RV mattress, you’ll have the most variety to choose from if you go with a queen-size mattress.


  • It may be a little big for your space.
  • The thickness of the mattress matters, too. If your mattress is too thick, you may find that you will have trouble fitting it into your RV.

8. RV King Size Mattress

If you have a large camper with space, a king-size mattress is just what you need to feel luxurious and comfortable while camping. Perfect for a large family, a king-size mattress is usually around 72 by 75 inches.

Comfortable for two adults and a child, this is a great option for anyone who has the space and wants a good night’s rest.


  • Large and comfortable
  • It can easily fit two adults and one child
  • Some RVs and campers come with sections of both sizes that allow for two king-size mattresses, which is great for bigger families who need the room.


  • Very large if you do not have the space for it.

Comparison of Different RV Mattress Sizes

Camper Van Motorhome Comfortable Bed with the Outdoor View.

Since each RV and camper is different depending on the model and size, the mattresses designed for them come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that they fit.

While there are so many to choose from, it’s important to know what size your RV or camper will fit and how many people you need them to accommodate.

Knowing the different mattress sizes is the start, but understanding which dimension will be best for your specific RV is essential to finding the perfect mattress that will suit all of your needs.

RV Twin28 x 75 inches
40 x 80 inches
71.12 x 190.5 cm
71.12 x 203.2 cm
Truck RV Mattress35 x 79 inches
42 x 80 inches
88.9 x 200.66 cm 
106.68 x 203.2 cm
Bunk Size Mattress28 x 75 inches 
30 x 75 inches
30 x 80 inches 
34 x 75 inches 
35 x 79 inches
71.12 x 190.5 cm
76.2 x 190.5 cm
76.2 x 203.2 cm
86.36 x 190.5 cm
88.9 x 200.66 cm
Three Quarter Mattress48 x 75 inches
121.92 x 190.5 cm
Full or Double RV Mattress53 x 75 inches 
137.16 x 190.5 cm
Short Queen RV Mattress60 x 75 inches 
152.4 x 190.5 cm
Queen RV Mattress60 x 80 inches
152.4 x 203.2 cm
King RV Mattress72 x 75 inches 
72 x 80 inches
182.88 x 190.5 cm
182.88 x 203.2 cm

Different RV Mattress Types

Elegant and Comfortable RV Motorhome Interior. Recreational Vehicle Road Trip.

After you have found the perfect size of mattress that will suit your needs, you should start to think about the type of mattress you will prefer. 

If your RV or camper came with a mattress, chances are it was made of foam. Foam mattresses are usually around 5 to 6 inches in thickness and aren’t as comfortable as the mattresses you are used to sleeping on. 

Thankfully, there are a couple of other options to choose from. 

Air Mattress

One of the least expensive options, air mattresses are lightweight and can be easily put away and blown up again when needed.

Although not as comfortable as other types of mattresses, many who choose air mattresses are looking for a short-term option that will allow them to accommodate guests easily.

Air mattresses can be great for people who like to customize the firmness of their bed. However, they are also usually easily damaged, and a small leak can ruin your fun.

Air mattresses are easy to find and usually cost you anywhere from $100 to $1,000.

Memory Foam Mattress

One of the best options for those with sore muscles is memory foam mattresses designed to conform to the body, relieving pressure.

This type of mattress is also great for hot, humid places, especially if your RV or camper does not have any air conditioning. In addition, having a gel memory foam mattress will allow for better temperature regulation. This is due to the cooling gel or gel beads it’s made from!

If you have a regular mattress and would like the benefits of a memory foam mattress, it is worth mentioning that you can buy mattress toppers from some companies. In addition, there are both memory foam and gel memory foam toppers available!

A memory foam mattress will usually cost you around $400 to $1,000.

Latex Mattress

Another great option if you want a mattress that is sure to contour your body, latex mattresses are eco-friendly and naturally hypoallergenic. Although they may not feel as luxurious as memory foam, they’re all-natural and don’t contain chemicals. Not only that, but they’re also dust mite resistant and will not grow mold or harbor mildew.

This is great if you live or camp often in very humid areas.

Unfortunately, this comes at a price since latex mattresses will usually cost around $900 to $1,500.

Innerspring Mattress

These mattresses aren’t usually a favorite, considering they aren’t the most comfortable of all the options. However, innerspring mattresses will usually come with a pillow top comfort layer. This is used to help cushion you from the springs!

Not only are they not the most comfortable option, but many times, they’re not the best suited for RVs. This is because they have steel coils that will rust. Especially if you live in a humid area, this mattress will rust fast, which will in turn force you to replace it more often.

That being said, they’re one of the least expensive options, costing around $250 to $600.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are great for people who want the contour of a memory foam mattress, as well as the bounciness of a traditional innerspring mattress! Although one of the most expensive options, as most of them are over $1,000, a hybrid mattress is breathable and durable, great for hot, humid environments.

This is because a hybrid mattress has both the coil support system of a traditional mattress while also having a cloud-like contour of the memory foam top.

These beds usually come in different layers of firmness and are sure to give anyone a great night’s sleep.

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Can you put a regular mattress in an RV?

Your ability to use a regular mattress really depends on the size of your RV and the size of your bed platform. If the bed platform is the size of the mattress you have at home, you can use your household mattress.

This will save time and money as you won’t have to find a new mattress for your RV. However, household mattresses can be hard to move back and forth depending on the size and type. Not only that, but bed platforms in RVs tend to sit at various dimensions – ones that household mattresses don’t usually match.

What are the key factors when choosing an RV mattress?

When choosing an RV mattress, it’s best to focus on durability, affordability, and weight. In addition, because of how little space RVs tend to have, you’ll want a mattress that is able to serve multiple functions. Along with being used for sleep, it may end up being a play spot for children, used as your office during the day, your sofa, or even a dining area at times.

When it comes to weight, it’s important to find something that doesn’t weigh a ton, as you never want to really weigh down an RV. Additionally, depending on the type of mattress you invest in, it may have to be replaced more often than many of the mattresses you have at home, so making sure that the mattress you love is affordable is a must.


There are so many factors to consider when looking to find a good RV mattress. Along with the size, you should also consider what the mattress is made from and how much it costs! This can be daunting to some, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Make sure that you know the dimensions of the bed platform in your RV before you start to look at any mattresses. This will help you get an idea of which one you should be looking for! 

Since each manufacturer has a different dimension for each type of mattress, you’ll want to know what exact size you need right off the bat and should not simply rely on the standard dimensions. 

It’s also important to remember that RV mattresses will be much different from your average household mattress in other ways, such as thickness. Unlike mattresses you use for your home, your mattress’s weight and the space it takes up really matter when choosing a mattress. 

Because of this, you must think of the space you have, the number of people you must fit in with, and your mattress’s quality. 

Whether you live in an RV or are camping, you need your sleep. Make sure that you can sleep comfortably to get up, feel awake and refreshed, and are ready to make so many happy memories during the day!

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