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Tiny House. Huge Garden.

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Everything you need to know about campervan electrics.

Learn how to design, size, install and troubleshoot your camper’s electrical system.

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Calculate your entire campervan electrical system, including solar, batteries, wire gauges, fuses, switches and relays and automatically generate your bespoke wiring diagram.

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Build Your Own Camper

campervan conversion guide
How to choose the best van for a camper
DIY Campervan Conversion Kits for Pinterest
campervan electrics explained
DIY Campervan solar system

Sizing a Camper Electrical System

Figuring out what size batteries, solar panels and inverters you need takes a lot of thought & a LOT of mathematics. Our Solar Calculators will help you work out the correct size components with confidence.

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Van Life Starter pack

Van Life Tips & Tricks

Van life manual for beginners
Campervan Accessories
A guide to boondocking

Mowgli Adventures

“Travel is ALWAYS an option when you live in a van”

Carretera Austral


  • How to Make Money Living in a Van
    While living on the road is typically cheaper than maintaining a traditional household, it’s not free. So how do you finance your trips if you’re not retired or don’t have a ton of savings? How do you make money living in a van? It’s easy: You find van life jobs.  Making a living while RVing …
  • Van Life With a Dog: Tips to Traveling With Your Fur Kids
    Van life with a dog can be a rich and rewarding experience — so long as you properly prepare for it. Pups have unique needs, just as you do, so it’s important that you take that into account if you’re planning on living on the road with a dog.  Preparation for traveling with a pooch …
  • 5 Best Places to Camp In Or Near Death Valley in a Van or RV
    It’s a moment that you’ll never forget: the time you bring your family together, sit the kids down, and tell them that you’re finally taking them to the happiest place on Earth. That’s right — you’re going to Death Valley. Okay, so Death Valley might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but if …
  • RV Toilet Leaking On Floor? – Here’s How to Fix it!
    Time to complete project: 30 – 60 minutes Project difficulty: 3/5 Supplies You’ll Need: Hand mirror Flashlight Basin wrench Water valve kit Rags or towels New flange seal Putty knife Sealant A new toilet (possibly) Rubber gloves Safety glasses Watching your RV toilet leaking on the floor is never a welcome sight, but when you’re …
  • 5 Best Places to Camp in Wyoming in a Van or RV
    Wyoming is one of the largest US states, but it’s also the least populated. This means it offers tons of open space for adventurers who are truly looking to get away from it all. Best known for its incredible national parks, including the legendary Yellowstone, Wyoming gives visitors stunning views of wilderness that you simply …
  • RV Air Conditioner Leaks When it Rains? Here’s How to Fix it!
    30 to 90 minutes Project difficulty: 2 out of 5 Supplies: Ladder Screwdriver Wrench Caulk or sealant Most RVers aren’t fans of rain. It’s awful to drive through, and it’s worse when you’re trying to camp. However, rain quickly turns from annoyance to concern when water ends up inside of your RV.  An RV air …
  • RV Water Pump Keeps Running? Here’s How to Fix It?
    15 to 60 minutes, depending on issue Difficulty: 2 out of 5, depending on issue Depending on what’s causing your RV water pump to keep running, you may need the following tools and supplies: Screwdriver Wrench Replacement water line or pipe (if necessary) Saw (if necessary) Pipe primer and adhesive (if necessary) Allen key (if …
  • 5 Best Places to Camp in Alaska in a Van or RV in 2021
    If one of the biggest reasons why you enjoy camping is the feeling of being lost in nature, then there’s nothing quite like Alaska.  Sure, there’s civilization in certain areas of the state, but for the most part, the territory feels truly raw and unclaimed. Where else can you step outside your door and see …
  • Driving in Patagonia: A Self-Drive Guide To A Perfect Patagonian Road Trip
    Road tripping Patagonia is the ultimate way to experience one of the world’s most remote regions. With your own wheels, you can create a unique itinerary, adapt it whenever the mood takes you, and share some of the most glorious panoramic views with no one but your passengers. The good news for anyone worried about …
  • The Best Things To Do In Futaleufu: Chile’s Rafting Capital of Patagonia
    There are few places in the world, let alone Patagonia, so perfect for adventure seekers as Futaleufu. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to plan your visit, including the best things to do in Futaleufu, plus advice on where to stay and essential travel tips. For whitewater rafting enthusiasts, the village of Futaleufu, …
  • 5 Best Places to Camp in Malibu in a Van or RV
    When you think of Malibu, California, the first thing that has to come to mind is the ocean. This iconic seaside town is home to celebrity mansions, famous restaurants, and waves that attract surfers from around the world.  But beyond the glitz and glam, this area offers incredible opportunities for campers, whether you’re traveling by …
  • 5 Best RV Vacuums + Buying Guide to Help You Choose!
    If you’re like most people, you opted to buy an RV because you wanted the freedom that the open road could provide. So why are you stuck doing the same chores you had to do back at home? Unfortunately, vacuuming is right up there with death and taxes as an inescapable fact of life. That …

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