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Campervan Electrics Handbook cover

Everything you need to know about campervan electrics.

Learn how to design, size, install and troubleshoot your camper’s electrical system.

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campervan electrical design and wiring diagram cover

Calculate your entire campervan electrical system, including solar, batteries, wire gauges, fuses, switches and relays and automatically generate your bespoke wiring diagram.

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How to choose the best van for a camper
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DIY Campervan solar system

Sizing a Camper Electrical System

Figuring out what size batteries, solar panels and inverters you need takes a lot of thought & a LOT of mathematics. Our Solar Calculators will help you work out the correct size components with confidence.

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  • Campervan & RV Wifi Guide: How to Get RV Internet in 2021
    For many, campervan and RV wifi has become more of a necessity than a nice-to-have.  If you use your van to seek a few days off-grid, internet access is probably the last thing you want or need. But when living long-term in your van, your needs will probably be different.  You might need to work …
  • Camper Van Electrics Kit & Parts List
    Installing a camper’s electrical system is challenging enough without finding you’ve forgotten to buy essential parts when you’re half way through a job. So this quick and easy tool has you covered. To create your bespoke camper van electrics kit and parts list, enter your van’s design details here and your parts list will appear …
  • Wire Size Calculator including Switches, Relays & Fuses
    Sizing the major components of a campervan electrical system is a crucial part of your build.  Installing enough solar panels and an appropriately sized solar charge controller will help you maximise how much solar electricity you can generate.  An optimum-sized battery-to-battery charger or split charge relay will help maximise how much and how fast you …
  • RV Generators: The Definitive Buying Guide
    Comfortable off-grid RV living depends on the availability of enough electricity to power your appliances. You can reduce demand by using energy-efficient appliances wherever possible or even cutting back.  Maximising the supply of electricity with a well-sized solar setup and a battery to battery charger will help charge the battery bank. And increasing the battery …
  • How to Use a Digital Multimeter | The Champion of the Campervan Electrical Toolkit
    A multimeter is one of the most useful tools in an RV or campervan toolkit. When installing a campervan electrical system, you’ll use the handy tool all the time. You’ll test your solar panel’s output, battery levels, cable continuity, and much more. Even once your van conversion is complete, the multimeter is the first tool to reach …
  • RV Battery Monitors for 12v Electrical Systems
    To avoid running out of electricity when living in a van off-grid means closely managing the leisure battery bank. Using more power than the alternator or solar panels supply will eventually lead to flat batteries, no matter how big the battery bank.  And, over-discharging the battery can shorten its life, leading to costly replacements earlier than necessary. A battery monitoring system …
  • How to Install Shore Power in a DIY Camper
    How to add shore power to your campervan electrical system to charge leisure batteries from the mains supply. For those who spend any time on campgrounds with mains power supply, an RV electrical hookup (240v or 110v) is a perfect way of recharging leisure batteries and powering household appliances. With the right setup, you can …
  • A Practical Guide to Campervan Ovens & Alternatives
    A buyer’s guide to the 6 best campervan ovens for van life. Living in a campervan doesn’t mean giving up Sunday roasts, homemade muffins, or crispy, fluffy roasties.  With a campervan oven, you can bake and roast to your heart’s content. The best ovens for your campervan depends on a few things. Do you want …
  • Charging a Leisure Battery Bank | RV Battery Charging
    Charging a leisure battery bank in motorhomes, RVs, campervans and caravans is essential. Without an effective means of replacing the energy used, the batteries will flatten.  Not only is it important to recharge them so you can continue to use them, but if left too deeply discharged for too long, their lifespan will shorten. This …
  • The Best Battery to Battery Chargers for Campervan Conversions
    Maintaining the charge in the leisure batteries of a campervan electrical system can make or break your van living lifestyle. If you want to keep the lights on, have chilled beers for sundowners and keep your electrical gadgets charged a well sized system is imperative. And a means to effectively charge the batteries is as …
  • Split Charge Relay | A Complete Guide for Campervan Conversions
    When it comes to campervan conversions and living in a van, nothing is more important than the electrical system. A well sized setup, suited for your lifestyle, will keep the lights and fridge running, start up the heater, provide running water and keep your gadgets fully charged. For off grid living, the campervan electrics are …
  • The Best RV Inverter Charger for Van Life
    If you’ve read what we have, you’ll be convinced that if you’re serious about boondocking, an RV inverter charger is an essential bit of kit. Well we’ve been living in our camper full time since 2018 and we don’t have an RV inverter charger so they’re not what we’d call essential. Living in a van …

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