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Everything you need to know about campervan electrics.

Learn how to design, size, install and troubleshoot your camper’s electrical system.

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campervan electrical design and wiring diagram cover

Calculate your entire campervan electrical system, including solar, batteries, wire gauges, fuses, switches and relays and automatically generate your bespoke wiring diagram.

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Build Your Own Camper

campervan conversion guide
How to choose the best van for a camper
DIY Campervan Conversion Kits for Pinterest
campervan electrics explained
DIY Campervan solar system

Sizing a Camper Electrical System

Figuring out what size batteries, solar panels and inverters you need takes a lot of thought & a LOT of mathematics. Our Solar Calculators will help you work out the correct size components with confidence.

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Van Life Starter pack

Van Life Tips & Tricks

Van life manual for beginners
Campervan Accessories
A guide to boondocking

Mowgli Adventures

“Travel is ALWAYS an option when you live in a van”

Carretera Austral


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    You’ve finally made it through the bulk of your campervan conversion and on the home stretch! It’s probably been a long road for you to reach this goal, and now it’s time to get your flooring sorted. Your camper’s flooring consists of several different parts, starting with your van’s metal floor. It also includes a …
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    If you’re planning on living in your camper full-time or even for a few weeks at a time and want the luxury of using your household appliances without the need to stay at campgrounds, you need an RV inverter. Most campervan conversions, motorhomes, and RVs include a battery bank for charging 12v DC devices.  But …
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