camper van insurance is important to protect investements like thi s blue blue VW campervan

Camper Van Insurance | How to Protect your Camper Van Conversion

Camper van insurance is a legal requirement in the UK as well as in most countries around the world. If you’ve bought a pre-loved campervan, insuring it is straight forward once you’ve decided what protection you need. But what if you’ve bought a van to convert?  It’s not a motorhome or RV in the traditional … Read More

a campervan parked

DVLA Campervan Conversion | How to Meet the Requirements

Paperwork! Not the most exciting subject but it’s important to understand applicable regulations governing your camper van conversion so you don’t breach any laws. This article is specific to DVLA campervan conversion reclassifications in the UK. If your camper is registered in another country, check with your driving licence & vehicle authority before starting your … Read More