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Everything you need to know about campervan electrics.

Learn how to design, size, install and troubleshoot your camper’s electrical system.

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Calculate your entire campervan electrical system, including solar, batteries, wire gauges, fuses, switches and relays and automatically generate your bespoke wiring diagram.

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How to choose the best van for a camper
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Sizing a Camper Electrical System

Figuring out what size batteries, solar panels and inverters you need takes a lot of thought & a LOT of mathematics. Our Solar Calculators will help you work out the correct size components with confidence.

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Mowgli Adventures

“Travel is ALWAYS an option when you live in a van”

Carretera Austral


  • 50+ Must-Have Tools for your RV Toolkit
    Whether you’re living in a camper full-time or use it for gallivanting around on relatively short road trips, things go wrong. Constantly on the move, the camper’s interior is permanently exposed to vibrations, bumps, and twists.  So things inevitably go wrong from time to time. However, there’s a simple way to avoid the drama that …
  • 102 Best Gifts for RV Owners & Happy Campers
    Are you looking for a perfect gift for the RV lover in your life? It can be tricky figuring out what to buy if you’re not an RV owner yourself. We’ve lived in our camper full-time since 2018 and have a good idea of the gifts we’d love to receive.  They’ve all made it onto …
  • A Guide to Buying the Best Van Roof Vent – Kiss Goodbye to Condensation in Your Camper
    Not to sound dramatic, but condensation in a campervan is basically the kiss of death.  It makes the interior feel swampy, damp, and unpleasant, and it can lead to mold, rot, rust, and all kinds of other problems that are expensive and difficult to repair.  However, there’s a simple way to avoid the blight of …
  • RV Skirting for Winter: A Guide for 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers and Campers
    If you live in your RV full time and not a snowbird, the chances are you’ll experience some cold temperatures. Winter RVing takes some preparation. Extra insulation, protecting your camper’s water system and installing the best heaters is only half the job. The undercarriage of your RV is exposed to cold winds, drawing heat away …
  • 13 Best 12v RV Water Pumps for your Campervan Conversion
    An RV water pump is a crucial piece of equipment for your camper, especially if you plan to boondock regularly or if your camper doesn’t have a city water connection. The RV pump is what pressurizes your water lines, bringing water from your fresh water tank to your plumbing elements like your sink, shower, or …
  • DIY Campervan Water Tanks for Van Conversions
    Campervan water tanks are central to a campervan conversion’s water system. They provide a means to store fresh water, collect waste water from showering and washing up and even waste from your toilet. The entire plumbing system needs to be built around them, so choosing the right tanks for your lifestyle at the design stage …
  • 11 Best Portable Solar Panels for RV Living & Van Life
    Portable solar panels for RV living and van life can provide a complete energy solution or extend the existing solar system for extra juice. Charging your batteries from solar panels is super helpful when boondocking, even if you spend most of your time on campgrounds. There are many portable solar panels on the market, and …
  • The Best Campervan Sinks for RV Kitchens & Water Systems
    Our campervan sink probably gets more use than any other accessory installed in our Sprinter conversion. We use it washing up, preparing meals, making coffee and even as a kettle store when we’re driving. Space in most campers is pretty limited, and sinks can be fairly large components.  A campervan sink is an integral part …
  • A Complete Guide to Portable Composting Toilets for Van Conversions
    For a couple of years, we had a Thetford cassette toilet in our Unimog camper. The emptying experience was far from pleasant. We hated it. Chemicals are expensive, and finding places to empty them responsibly was often difficult when we were off-grid. Because we live in our van full-time, it was a compromise too far for us.  So when we were …
  • The Best Portable Hammock Stands for Camping in 2021
    Lounging in a hammock is idyllic and the best way to relax on a warm afternoon on camp.  The problem with hammocks is they need a couple of trees relatively close together to hang them on.  You need to secure them high enough so your butt doesn’t drag on the floor but maintains a comfortable …
  • The Best Non Electric Camping Coffee Makers for Campervans, RVs & Camping
    Our love of coffee means a decent coffee maker is on virtually every list of campervan essentials. It’s the first thing we reach for each morning and the perfect beverage after a long hike. And a good cup of coffee around a campfire takes some beating. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a van lifer or packing …
  • Campervan & RV Wifi Guide: How to Get RV Internet in 2021
    For many, campervan and RV wifi has become more of a necessity than a nice-to-have.  If you use your van to seek a few days off-grid, internet access is probably the last thing you want or need. But when living long-term in your van, your needs will probably be different.  You might need to work …

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