wiring solar panels in series vs parallel

Wiring Solar Panels in Series vs Parallel | Which is Best?

This post explains the different ways of wiring multiple solar panels together, providing the information you need to decide how best to configure your camper solar setup. It starts simply with diagrams for the different wiring configurations and how each affects the components you need for your camper solar setup. We’ll then delve into the … Read More

How to select a solar charge controller for an RV or campervan

How to Select a Solar Charge Controller for RVs & DIY Campervan Conversions

A solar charge controller is an essential component for getting the best performance from your camper solar setup. But not all solar charge controllers are the same. There’s different types, sizes and features, each designed to best suit off-grid solar setups. It’s easy to get lost in the technical detail and end up buying an … Read More