Shore Power

How To Lock Your RV Surge Protector feature

How To Lock Your RV Surge Protector

Discover the most effective way to protect your RV surge protector with this guide. Learn how to secure an ultra-sturdy metal chain and high-security padlock together and the benefits of adding a plug protector to help deter thieves and get …

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RV boondocking

The Best RV Inverter Charger for Van Life

If you’ve read what we have, you’ll be convinced that if you’re serious about boondocking, an RV inverter charger is an essential bit of kit. Well we’ve been living in our camper full time since 2018 and we don’t have …

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Inverter vs Converter & How to Tell the Difference

Choosing components for a campervan electrical system can become confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with all the terminology. And then you hear about parts like converters, inverters, and inverter chargers. It’s enough to boggle the brain! It doesn’t help …

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